Our Team

Nimble Leader is founded and operated by seasoned business executives committed to helping organizations establish the critical links between their people, their customers, and business performance.

Andrew Ortyn

Andrew ‘Drew’ Ortyn is Founder and CEO of Nimble Leader LLC, a management consultancy focused on sustainable business transformation.   A senior strategist, Mr. Ortyn has defined, orchestrated, facilitated and lead over 25 C-Suite ‘boot camps’ with executive leadership teams both domestically and globally.  Primary focus: Growth!  

Personal Brand: Catalyst for C-Suite.  I galvanize cross-functional leaders to a common vision linked to specific and measurable improvements in business performance.

Core Value:  Unrelenting Focus

Key Innovation:  Tools for Profit™ A strategic framework and platform that helps leaders think, analyze, discuss, and act upon their businesses in ways that substantially improve Operating Profit and Cash-flow.

Author:  Nimble Leader: Unrelenting Focus   Strategy | Leadership Behavior | Results

Education:  M.B.A., Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; B.B.A., magna cum laude, University of Notre Dame. 

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Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond is Managing Director, Nimble Leader and Co-Founder of Frost Advisors LLC.

Personal Brand: Performance Modeling Expert

Core Value: I bring clarity and credibility to business strategy and tactics with comprehensive enterprise performance modeling, forecasting, and internal control processes to optimize both topline and bottom line results.

Select Breadth of Experience:   FastTrac® Program Director; General Manager & CFO CJMI Ltd, Jilin Province, China; CTO & Director, Information Technology, Central Soya; Group Audit Director, Eridania Beghin-Say, Genoa Italy; Director of Internal Audit, Central Soya, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Key Certifications: Certified Public Accountant, Corporate & Community Leadership

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Bob Jarvis

Bob Jarvis is Managing Director, Nimble Leader; Founder and CEO of Quality Enablement, LLC. 

Personal Brand: Organizational Productivity Catalyst

Core Value:  I help leaders identify, prioritize and remove barriers to team effectiveness.

Key Innovation:  Workplace AgilitySM  Proprietary researched-based modeling; identifies and quantifies the barriers to team productivity across six effectiveness indicators: People | Process | Tools | Metrics | Agility | Management Style.

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Gigi J Kizhakkechethipuzha

Gigi JK is Managing Director, Nimble Leader and CTO | Partner of Virtina LLC.

Personal Brand: Business Technology Strategist

Core Value:  I find ways to accelerate revenue growth, increase profit and maximize people; combining technology, innovation, and tenacious problem-solving.

Core Focus:  eCommerce strategy, execution, and support to SMBs (B2B, B2C and Marketplaces); Forbes Technology Council Contributor and Member

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Gerry Lantz

Gerry Lantz is Managing Director, Nimble Leader and President of Stories That Work, Inc.

Personal Brand: Inventive – Tapping the power of narrative for branding, marketing, strategic planning, sales, leadership, and culture development.

Core Value:  I energize sales and profit by using stories and narrative tools to discover the emotion, humanity, and true differentiation in B2B Brands beyond merely what they do and how they do it.

Key Innovation:  Narrative ToolKit.  Proprietary approach to Brand Story Development | Leadership Stories | Selling Stories | Narrative Strategy Development.

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Jim Laird

Jim Laird is Managing Director, Nimble Leader; President and CEO of Jekeme International, LLC.

Personal Brand: Accelerate the commercialization of foreign Life Science companies into the US Market Space.

Core Value:  I eliminate the hurdles and complexity of market launch in the USA; reducing time to revenue, while concurrently optimizing scarce resources in the drive to profitable growth.

Key Deliverable:  Simplification.   By engaging Jekeme International’s consolidated services, client companies access a menu of core professional services – all in one place.


Scott McMartin

Scott McMartin is Managing Director, Nimble Leader and Vice President, Celero Optima, Inc.

Personal Brand:  Throughput Catalyst - Aligning manufacturing execution strategies and financial management accounting frameworks to drive sustained positive Economic Value Added (EVA).

Core Value:  I connect the dots between symptoms and root causes of current manufacturing throughput and profit performance.

Key Deliverables: Beginning with 2 Production Cycles - 98%+ On-Time | 60% Less Order Cycle-Time | 50% Less Inventory and Op Ex | 30% Better Asset Utilization | 25% More Throughput.

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Mark Miller

Mark Miller is Managing Director, Nimble Leader; President and CEO of Flywheel, LLC. 

Personal Brand: Scale Up Coach – Aligning People with Performance 

Core Value:  I accelerate growth in Mid-Market and Mid-Cap companies by tapping into the power, passion, and expertise of people within organizations.

Gazelles Growth Coach:  Trained and certified in Scaling Up and Rockefeller Habits Methodologies.  Passion for driving peak performance and sustainable growth through employee engagement, alignment and accountability.

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Michael Nolan

Michael Nolan is Managing Director, Nimble Leader; President and CEO of Ascend SA.

Personal Brand: Strategic Sales Builder | Chief Revenue Officer

Core Value: I grow sales by building sales teams and their foundations to drive topline revenue through strong sales infrastructure with accountability and discipline.

Core Focus: Sales Strategy | Sales Process | CRM | Pipeline Growth | Implementation | Execution

Select Breadth of Experience: Significant hands on experience: large brand name consumer products companies, private equity, entrepreneurial portfolio companies.

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Bruce Rubin

Bruce Rubin is Managing Director, Nimble Leader; Founder and CEO of BHR Global Associates, Inc.

Personal Brand: Builder – International Networks | Consumer Products

Core Value: ‘One-Stop Authority’ bringing retail products to market . . . successfully

Core Focus:   Product Design | Launch | Trusted Suppliers | Strategic Partners 

Global Reach: Multiple Long Term Relationships with Trusted Manufacturing Partners: USA | Israel | Germany | Taiwan | Malaysia | China

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Steve Van Valin

Steve Van Valin is Managing Director, Nimble Leader and CEO of Culturology, LLC.

Personal Brand: Culture Strategist | Innovation Catalyst

Core Value:  I shape healthy high-performance culture to gain competitive advantage and attract top talent.

Key Certifications:   High-Performance Culture, Certified Consultant; Senn-Delaney Leadership Master Coach and Facilitator; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instructor.

Key Inventions:  The Breakthrough Leader Unlocking High Performance and Motivation; Patented ergonomic garden tool – The Mulch Fork; Patented ergonomic beach toy – The Sand Shark Shovel.

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Key Advisors . . .


Tammy A. Beil

Tammy Beil is President and CEO of TABeil, LLC.  “Growing Your Business is Different Than Running It.”

Personal Brand: Organic Growth Champion

Core Value:  I deliver strategic marketing plans and execution; bridging the gap between sales and marketing to deliver top line revenue growth.

Key Innovation:  Growth Acceleration Plan (GAP).   Proprietary approach to marketing planning through audience identification.

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Nancy McGrory Richardson

Nancy McGrory Richardson is Founder and President of Alchemy365network, LLC.

Personal Brand: Communications Strategist

Core Value:  I promote mutual understanding and engagement between stakeholders within business and not-for-profit organizations.

Key Certifications:  Expert in Paradigm Shift and Risk Communications.  Certified in Trauma Resiliency, BodyTalk® and Accunet® healing modalities.

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In addition to the above, Nimble Leader staffs each client engagement from a pool of highly dedicated professionals each possessing the deep functional expertise necessary to address the specific needs of our client base.

 "For lack of counsel a nation falls, but many advisors make victory sure."

Proverbs - Wisdom of Solomon