Link business strategy with behavior change to create an unrelenting focus on results.

Business Challenge:

Differences in perspective between your leaders and customers highlight important gaps between strategy and execution. In closing these gaps, your business succeeds when employees throughout your organization gain a clear sense of alignment on the fundamental preferences and needs of your customer. Business alignment clarifies leadership direction; and ultimately, results in resource efficient business decisions that improve the overall performance of your business.

Jump Start:

A business process that is based on gathering actionable information on a comparative basis from both your customers and key employees. This information is then used as a catalyst in leadership team interactions to help your executives structure sound business actions that satisfy customer needs in ways that are superior to previous performance.

Key Content:

Jump Start begins with compiling a succinct review of how your organization views itself compared to the same view held by key customer constituencies – whether they be internal or external. Comparative data is gathered across five areas:

  • Market Position. What does your business stand for in the minds of customers?
  • SWOT Analysis. What are your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats?
  • Business Challenges. What represent your organization’s perceived “unsolvable” business dilemmas?
  • Short-term Priorities. What are the key action steps for your business over the next six months?
  • Critical Measures. A “mining” of company data, both financial and non-financial.

In any of the above areas, differences in perspective between your leaders and customers highlight important gaps between strategy and execution. Understanding these gaps is essential to the next phase of the Jump Start process -- the Leadership Team Interaction. During this interaction, your business leaders are tasked with linking business vision and strategy to business tactics, incremental improvement objectives, specific accountabilities, and timing.

Target Audience:

Jump Start is for senior executives and mid-level managers responsible for developing and executing the organization’s business strategy.  Jump Start is also used by senior executives transitioning into new roles, whether it be in new organizations or different divisions within their current organization.


By participating in the Jump Start business process, your leadership team will achieve the following:

  • Focus: a common understanding of key business issues
  • Urgency: a desire to foster positive “business building” change within your organization
  • Strategy: targeted initiatives that exceed customer expectations
  • Accountability: a clear understanding of the who, what, when, and how of STRATEGY implementation

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"When I became a coach, I saw the whole is never the sum of its parts - it's greater or lesser, depending on how well the individuals work together."

Chuck Noll, Former Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers