Tools for Profit™ - a powerful framework.  Think, analyze, discuss, act. Improve Operating Profit. Improve Cash-flow.

Business Challenge:

A primary focus of your leadership team is to help your organizations establish the critical links between your people, your customers and business performance. Successful organizations are characterized by a culture that places a premium on Operating Profit and Cash-flow.

Tools for Profit™:

A business framework and process that helps your senior executives link cross-functional teams and “non-business” oriented leaders to key fundamentals of business performance. The result – increased team member confidence and speed of execution as business leaders across your organization obtain a clearer understanding of how their individual roles contribute to overall business success.

Key Content:

The Tools for Profit is a comprehensive executive management program. Different leaders within your business possess different levels of understanding in areas outside their functional expertise. The Tools for Profit works to bridge this gap by establishing a common understanding of core business principles – across functions. The greater the level of common understanding by leaders within and across your business’s functional areas:

  • The greater the level of communication within and across your organization
  • The greater the speed, flexibility, and depth of response your organization has relative to how it responds to fast changing market pressures
  • The greater the improvements to Operating Profit and Cash-flow

The Tools for Profit leads your executives through:

  • A discussion of MARKET POSITION – what your business stands for in the minds of customers
  • The linkage between MARKET POSITION and product innovation
  • A working session identifying the important relationships between MARKET POSITION, PRICE management, VOLUME sales, product MIX adjustment, COST expenditures, and WORKING CAPITAL management
  • A practical understanding of your business financials from the perspective of one who operates a business
  • A discussion of key business performance measures including Turn, Earn, ROI, EVA, Variance Analysis, and Trend Analysis
  • Team exercises and case studies where your executives apply new learning in a team setting to develop a business strategy linked to specific improvements in Operating Profit and Cash-flow

Target Audience:

The Tools for Profit is for senior and mid-level managers – across functions – responsible for delivering bottom line results.


By participating in the Tools for Profit executive management curriculum, your leaders gain the following:

  • A greater appreciation of how MARKET POSITION is at the heart of every business action in the marketplace
  • A greater understanding of how MARKET POSITION is the starting point for other complimentary business competencies
  • A working knowledge of and desire to use key financial statements and measures of business performance in the proactive management of your business
  • A clearer understanding of how MARKET POSITION, PRICE, VOLUME, MIX, COST, and WORKING CAPITAL management relate to specific increases in Operating Profit and Cash flow
  • Practical experience from the quantitative application of the Tools for Profit in customized exercises and case study
  • An increased comfort level and desire to apply the Tools for Profit in building your own House of Profit

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"Two leadership qualities have become absolutely indispensable today, and they aren't on the usual lists. The first is business acumen, more commonly called business savvy. The second... is a refusal to take anything for granted..."

Source: Confronting Reality