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Drew Ortyn
Andrew ‘Drew’ Ortyn
Strategy | Profitability

Personal Brand: Catalyst for C-Suite.  I galvanize cross-functional leaders to a common vision linked to specific and measurable improvements in business performance.
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Gerry Lantz
Gerry Lantz
Brand Stratagey

Personal Brand: Inventive – Tapping the power of narrative for branding, marketing, strategic planning, sales, leadership, and culture development
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Paul Mosenson
Paul Mosenson
Lead Gen | Media

Personal Brand: I build and optimize the lead generation funnel, from initial click to conversion and sale.
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Gigi JK
Gigi JK
Engineered eCommerce

Personal Brand: Business Technology Strategist. Accelerating revenue and profit growth; combining technology, innovation, and tenacious problem-solving
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Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan
Sales Builder

Personal Brand: Strategic Sales Builder | Chief Revenue Officer.
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Bob Jarvis
Bob Jarvis
Workplace Agility℠

Personal Brand: I help leaders identify, prioritize and remove barriers to team effectiveness.
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Steve Van Valin
Steve Van Valin
Culture Architect

Personal Brand: Culture Strategist | Innovation Catalyst. I shape healthy high-performance culture to gain competitive advantage and attract top talent.
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Mary O’Connor
Mary O’Connor
Organizational Design & Development

Personal Brand: I engage people to ‘actualize’ their best self, perform new tasks with excellence in the face of change, and deliver results.
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Scott McMartin
Scott McMartin
Throughput | Scheduling

Personal Brand: Aligning manufacturing execution strategies and financial management accounting frameworks to drive sustained positive Economic Value Added (EVA).
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Bruce Rubin
Bruce Rubin
Supply Chain

Personal Brand:  Builder – International Networks | Consumer Products. ‘One-Stop Authority’ bringing products to market.
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Ed Flanagan
Ed Flanagan
Expense Reduction

Personal Brand: I recover hidden cash flow within your vendor base without having to change suppliers.
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Amy Andersson
Amy Andersson
Operational Analysis

Personal Brand: Operational analysis; improved controls; delivered with integrity.
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Andreas Graesser
Andreas Graesser
Bridging IT and Business Leadership

Personal Brand: Providing strategic advice for digital business transformation along with tactical program management leadership to implement these strategies.
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